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 I've been behind the scenes at many weddings, and I can honestly say that Savoury Chic and Char, in particular, is something special. I literally cannot imagine someone who is better at this than Char: she's extremely organized and competent, forthright with advice but not pushy when it comes to decision-making, very savvy and sensitive when it comes to interpersonal dynamics and on top of all that, she's a friendly, warm person who helps you feel at ease and confident that everything will come together. 

Char is really good at feeling you out and figuring out your dynamic, your style, and your values. She is a great listener! At the same time, Char was really good at tactfully and respectfully giving us advice about the potential risks, costs, and advantages of particular sorts of decisions e.g. doing a buffet versus having table service for the dinner. This is exactly the balance you want in a planner: you want someone who won't be overbearing and pushy, but you also want someone who knows their stuff and is forthcoming with honest feedback about what works and what doesn't. 

When she says she's going to do something, she does it when she says she'll do it. As the wedding day approaches, she does regular phone check-ins which have the function both of making sure everything is coming along and, perhaps most importantly, making sure that you and your partner are feeling comfortable and confident that the big day is going to come together nicely. 

The folks on Char's team are friendly and interpersonally savvy and good at what they do. I was very impressed with their work and everything they did behind the scenes. 


Because of their effectiveness and efficiency, I was able to sit back, relax and be fully present the day of my wedding. That is something I'll always cherish.

                                                                                                                                                                              -Tyler Z

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"OMG!  The most professional and best party planners on earth.  I went to them with a vision of a destination birthday celebration for my girlfriend.  I only had a vision, but no ideal on how, the process, or the cost.  Savoury Chic did it all, 100%. From the first initial phone interview to the day after the celebration, Savoury Chic Event Planning and Design was there.  I highly recommend them their staff." Lamont P.