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"I Thought We Would Be Done With This By Now" (Should I Cancel Or Postpone My Wedding)?


Yes, the world is still experiencing uncertainty. Many of us were hoping, praying, and crossing our fingers and toes that the challenges we have been facing in the past months would all be over by now. Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, it is, but this doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to focus on the important, exciting, and special aspects of our lives, like weddings.

If love is at the center of your wedding planning and it should be, then you and your partner can get through any challenges or uncertainty. Focus on the good, not the bad, and the ugly, and be sure to keep the energy positive and loving. If you and your partner are in the midst of making the decision to cancel or postpone, here are a few tips that will help.

Decide Whether To Postpone or Cancel

Many experts are recommending that instead of cancelling your entire wedding, you postpone it. As a wedding planner myself, I agree. Although it can be difficult to stay positive about the wedding planning process with all of the lingering uncertainty, it is important not to make a hasty decision that will further impact you financially. By postponing your wedding, you’ll incur fewer financial losses than if you cancel it completely. Trust me, in the midst of everything that is going on your vendors and venue, will be more than happy to help you make alternative arrangements, ensuring everyone benefits.

If your wedding is in the near future, start the process, (immediately), of choosing another date and making the necessary arrangements with your venue, vendors, and guests. If your wedding is still several months away, there’s probably no need to change your date at this stage. However, keep your ears open for changes in regulations and restrictions. A good wedding planner will keep you notified of those changes and will begin the conversation of postponement when necessary.

Rope in the Experts

Your vendors are here to help you. They are professionals who want to keep their clients happy. Plus, they want to keep their businesses up and running also. There’s no need to go through this alone. Ask your wedding planner, venue, and vendors for help with rescheduling your wedding day. Not only will this help relieve some of the pressure from you as a couple, but they may be able to assist you with some helpful suggestions to make all this a lot easier too.

Focus On One Thing at a Time

When you need to reschedule and potentially re-plan an entire wedding, it can get very overwhelming, very quickly. Slow down and start by carefully jotting down everything you need to take care of, starting with a new date. Once you have discussed a new date with your wedding planner, venue, and vendors you can start taking care of the finer details, such as letting your guests know. If you will be postponing, let your guests know even if you have not selected a new date yet, and send them the new date later once you have officially rescheduled with your venue and vendors.

Remain Positive

This can be easier said than done but positivity will be key at this time. It’s perfectly normal to feel sad, angry, and disappointed but try to bring your mind back to your reason for wanting to get married. Focus on love, unity, and the bigger picture to keep your mind positive. You will get through this and remember that you are not the only bride and groom who need to navigate these challenges.

Nobody planned for any of this to happen but the good news is that you’re surrounded by people who will help ensure you still have the wedding of your dreams so lean on your partner, friends, family, and wedding planner for support.

Happy Planning



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