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Featured Testimonial


Char and her team at Savoury Chic are none other than I've ever seen operate and experience in the planning & design industry.


We hired them for our day-of-coordinators but they were more than just that to us. They helped us plan SO so much leading up to the actual week of the wedding. They are hands on, determined, and have their clients' best interest in mind. When I say that, that they have their clients' best interest in mind, we really mean far and beyond that phrase. They truly seek to make their clients' dreams come true in the best possible way accommodating budget, options, and opinions.


Char is someone that I felt so comfortable texting, emailing, or calling at any hour if I felt that I needed her consultation for ANY type of situation during our planning season. Everyone on Char's team has a mindset of wanting the bride & groom to have the dreamiest day possible with no hiccups. And even if there were any hiccups during the wedding day, would've made sure that it be sorted out without the overlaying message stressing us out.


They made sure to question us thoroughly so that on the day of the wedding, and even as far as the week of the wedding, that they were virtually our thoughts planted into a different brain. They knew us as a couple in and out, they studied our dynamic and learned our family relationships so that they could be a vital part of every decision and be confident that it would be something we would be 100% on board with if need be.


Char's confidence in her work radiates and others can easily identify her leadership and do not hesitate to follow. They communicate often and are not shy to tell you what you need to hear. They are loving and caring and tend to their clients so thoughtfully.


I recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for a coordinator.  Can't even imagine how much more involved they would be as planners! THE best of the best.

                                                                                                                                                                              -Eunice L 

I recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for a coordinator.  Can't even imagine how much more involved they would be as planners! THE best of the best.

Eunice L.

Char is really good at feeling you out and figuring out your dynamic, your style, and your values. She is a great listener! At the same time, Char was really good at tactfully and respectfully giving us advice…. I literally cannot imagine someone who is better at this than Char: The folks on Char's team are friendly and interpersonally savvy and good at what they do. Because of their effectiveness and efficiency, I was able to sit back, relax and be fully present the day of my wedding. That is something I'll always cherish.

Tyler Z.

They went so far above and beyond every expectation I had! They are an absolutely amazing team and I could not have been more blessed to come across them

Jasmine A.

OMG!  The most professional and best party planners on earth.  I went to them with a vision of a destination birthday celebration for my girlfriend.  Savoury Chic did it all, 100%. From the first initial phone interview, to the day after the celebration, Savoury Chic Event Planning and Design was there. I highly recommend them their staff.

Lamont P.

You guys made my 50th Birthday a great one and one to remember, (in a good way). Your suggestions were always great ones, especially for menu selections and whenever I had questions you were there. Thanks for being so attentive and for caring so much about what I wanted. Thanks to you guys, my purple party turned out to be just what I wanted.

Cassandra B.

Savoury Chic did a phenomenal job on my birthday celebration.  I let them know what I wanted and they took it from there. Seriously, they made the process so easy.  They have an amazing team and I am so grateful I had no worries on the day of.  I will use them again and I always recommend  them to others!

Mary  M.

I used Savoury Chic for my wedding venue at a Chicago hotel. I was very pleased with the services provided. I first saw Savoury's work at a friend's wedding in November 2016 and was thoroughly impressed. They took my ideas and improved upon them with excellent suggestions. I highly recommend them for your events.

Cheryl D.

I first want to start out saying "Thank you " which really seems inadequate to express how "all in" you were for "my vision" for my wedding day. From the very beginning when we first had a face to face conference which you insisted on so you could understand what I wanted. You went well above what I envisioned and made my vision better than what I ever expected. I couldn't be more pleased when I arrived at the reception. My guest as well were sooo impressed with the reception layout. I will definitely let my friends know. They will totally be satisfied and will be singing your praises like I am.

Katherine J.

My wedding day would not have been pulled off without Savoury Chic. We decided to get married in Las Vegas since most of my family was now in Vegas and he was from there. I contacted Savoury Chic and Char explained that was no problem. I spoke with her often and whenever I got nervous about anything she calmed me down. Char walked in the Day Of and handled things with ease. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

Krystal G

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